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youngwoong lim_like a fool
February 20, 2022 | daily
Kpop singer Youngwoong Lim shows his amazing popularity with the love and support of ‘Age of Hero (fandom).’ Youngwoong Lim’s YouTube channel has reached 1.25 billion views, proving its popularity. Youngwoong Lim’s official YouTube channel with 1.29 million subscribers exceeded 1.25 billion views on February 20. On February 14, after reaching 1.24 billion views, he wrote... Read More
February 9, 2022 | daily
Kpop singer Youngwoong Lim’s performance of ‘A piece of cloud pillowed on time’ continues to gain popularity. In February 2021, Youngwoong’s official YouTube channel of Youngwoong Lim uploaded a video titled ‘Youngwoong Lim [A piece of cloud pillowed on time] Romantic Call Centre (ENG).’ In the video, Youngwoong is performing Hoona Na’s ‘A piece of... Read More
January 23, 2022 | featured
Kpop singer Youngwoong Lim is maintaining the ‘unmoving number one’ position in the brand reputation of trot singers. He has already been number 1 for 13 months in a row. As a result of big data analysis of trot singer brand reputation in January 2022, Youngwoong Lim ranked 1st, Chanwon Lee ranked 2nd, and Dongwon Jeong... Read More