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oh my girl
December 22, 2021 | daily
Kpop group OH MY GIRL heralded their splendid charms.  The global fandom platform UNIVERSE released the MV teaser ‘The Door’ version of OH MY GIRL’s new song ‘Shark‘ on December 21 through their app and official social media channel. In the released teaser, OH MY GIRL appears with a splendid appearance like a scene from... Read More
August 16, 2021 | trending
The first global voting for Mnet’s global project ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ has begun. In episode 2, on August 13th, they completed the 33 cells consisting of three girls from each culture. So, it announces the start of the first mission. At the same time, global viewer voting started on the ‘UNIVERSE’ app, the... Read More
July 8, 2021 | daily
OH MY GIRL YooA’s beauty attracts attention. On July 7th, a number of photos were posted on OH MY GIRL YooA’s Instagram. In the picture, she is staring at the camera. Her innocent beauty attracted the attention of the official fan club ‘Miracle.’ OH MY GIRL, to which YooA’s belongs, release the new song ‘DUN... Read More
June 25, 2021 | daily
Group OH MY GIRL (Hyojung, Mimi, Binnie) will participate in singing the third OST of ‘Racket Boys.’ SBS drama ‘Racket Boys’ (written by Bohun Jung/directed by Youngkwang Cho/ produced by Pan Entertainment) has been in the top spot for eight consecutive times. It is since its first broadcast and has been on the rise in... Read More
June 18, 2021 | featured
‘KCON:TACT 4 U,’ hosted by CJ ENM, will be held for 9 days from June 19th to the 27th. Following the last season, ‘KCON:TACT 4 U’ has a world tour concept where the artist leaves for the existing KCON host city and invites the audience to a stage specialized for each city, such as New... Read More