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January 20, 2022 | daily
Korean influencer and model Yurisa signed an exclusive contract with Pop Music and debuts as a singer. Pop Music announced on January 20 that they recently signed an exclusive contract with Yurisa and are preparing for her official debut as a singer with the support of top domestic composers and producers. The agency said, “We... Read More
January 16, 2022 | trending
The six-member K-pop rookie group IVE has established itself as the 4th generation representative icon. According to Starship Entertainment, IVE’s debut single ‘ELEVEN‘ surpassed 5 million monthly listeners on the music platform Spotify, and the cumulative number of streams exceeded 44 million. Even among prominent K-pop rookie groups, IVE’s performance stood out. While maintaining the top... Read More
December 2, 2021 | daily
All-rounder musician Gaho showed off a different image transformation with the music video for his new song. On December 1, Kpop singer Gaho released an additional music video of his first full-length album, ‘Fireworks’ sidetrack ‘Part Time Lover’ on his official social media channel. In the released video, Gaho shows conflicting images in different places.... Read More
October 8, 2021 | daily
A new album that Kpop artist Chancellor is releasing after five years is full of top-notch artists, including Younha, Paloalto, Gaeko, and Knave. On October 8, he released the tracklist and teaser video of his new album ‘Chancellor’ through Konnect Entertainment. The tracklist shows ‘Midnight’ and ‘Gone’ as the double title song, showing confidence in this... Read More
September 7, 2021 | k-music
MNET announced on September 7th that the hip-hop survival program ‘Show Me the Money 10’ will air for the first time at 11 pm on October 1st. ‘Show Me the Money’ started broadcasting in 2012. From season 1 to season 9, 86,000 people participated, and a total of 186 songs were released. The cumulative number of YouTube... Read More
August 31, 2021 | featured
Kpop Band Nah, Yuree Choi, PL, W24, YESEO, and Nerd Connection released songs one after another. Musicians selected for ‘Muse On 2021 (or Muse On),’ a leading musician development project in Korea, are revitalizing the indie scene with a series of new songs. ‘Muse On’ is the representative musician nurturing project of the Korea Creative... Read More
August 29, 2021 | chart
Kpop group Red Velvet took the 1st place trophy on ‘Inkigayo.’ Red Velvet, Mujin Lee, and AESPA were the nominees for 1st place on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ broadcast on August 29th. Kpop group Red Velvet took first place on the day. On this day, the members said to the fans, “Today is the last day of... Read More
August 18, 2021 | trending
Rolling Stone Korea has partnered with Melon, Korea’s largest music platform, to release a monthly playlist. At 11 am today, August 18th, they released the playlist for ‘#Hashtags in Korea,’ through Rolling Stone Korea’s webzine and Melon’s magazine, respectively. ‘#Hashtags in Korea’ will start this month. Both music media editors select the keywords and hashtags... Read More
August 16, 2021 | trending
The first global voting for Mnet’s global project ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ has begun. In episode 2, on August 13th, they completed the 33 cells consisting of three girls from each culture. So, it announces the start of the first mission. At the same time, global viewer voting started on the ‘UNIVERSE’ app, the... Read More
August 15, 2021 | k-music
The global Kpop group ASTRO won on four music shows. ASTRO (MJ, Jinjin, Eunwoo Cha, Moonbin, Rocky, Sanha Yoon) appeared on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ and took first place with the title song ‘After Midnight.’ Also, they took first place on KBS2 ‘Music Bank’ on the August 13th broadcast. On this day, ASTRO performed the new... Read More
August 14, 2021 | featured
Kpop group BTS, sibling duo AKMU, and Moojin Lee competed as candidates for first place on ‘Inkigayo.’ BTS, AKMU, and Moojin Lee were nominees for 1st place in the third week of August on the SBS ‘Inkigayo.’ It aired on the afternoon of August 15th. BTS was a nominee for first place with ‘Permission to... Read More
August 11, 2021 | k-music
Kpop mixed group ‘777 (Triple Seven)’ rocked the stage with ‘PRESENTE.’ ‘777’ appeared on MBC every1 ‘Show Champion,’ aired on the afternoon of August 11th. The group’s new song, ‘PRESENTE,’ is a Latin pop dance song based on a trap beat. It was created by the collaboration of famous Spanish singer-songwriter Paula Rojo and Kpop hit... Read More