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January 21, 2022 | k-music
K-pop band HIGHBRO (guitarist Sangjae Bae, bassist Janghyun Yoon, drummer Hoyong Kim, vocalist Taegeun) will release their first soundtrack of the year. HIGHBRO will release the remastered version ‘Good Morning 2022 Ver.’ of ‘Good Morning’ through various online music sites at noon on January 21. ‘Good Morning’ is the title song of HIGHBRO’s first EP,... Read More
July 1, 2021 | daily
Comedian Bongsun Shin and band Epik High appeared on SBS Power FM’s ‘Two O’clock Escape Cult Show'(hereinafter ‘Cultwo Show’). On July 1st, on SBS Power FM’s ‘Two O’clock Escape Cult Show,’ Epik High talked about the new album in the ‘Cultwo Music Society’ corner. On this day, DJ Bongsun Shin asked if the title of... Read More
June 30, 2021 | daily
Singer Younha made a surprise appearance in the group Epik High’s new song. Epik High (Tablo, Mithra, Tukutz) released a new digital single ‘Rain Song’ through various online music sites at 6 pm on June 29th. Particularly, in the second half of the song, the appealing voice of a familiar female vocalist appeared. So, it... Read More
June 29, 2021 | daily
Epik High’s rainy season song is reborn. Today, June 29th at 6 PM, Epik High unveils the new digital single ‘Rain Song.’ Epik High is making a comeback with a new album. This is after about 5 months since the release of the regular 10th album in January. ‘Rain Song’ is the first digital single... Read More
June 27, 2021 | daily
Group Epik High shared precious memories with fans through an online concert. Epik High held an online concert ‘FOREST 2021’ through TikTok Live at 7 pm on June 26th. Through this ‘Forest 21,’ Epik High performed the old nostalgic songs ‘FLY,’ ‘Love Love Love,’ ‘ONE,’ and ‘Don’t Hate Me.’ In addition, they opens up stories... Read More
June 23, 2021 | daily kpop-news
Epik High’s ‘Rain Song’ to be released on June 29th. Group Epik High will release a digital single for the first time in 18 years since their debut. The agency Hours Entertainment announced on June 23rd that Epik High will release ‘Rain Song’ on June 29th. Epik High, which debuted in 2003, has only released... Read More