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kpop band highbro
January 21, 2022 | k-music
K-pop band HIGHBRO (guitarist Sangjae Bae, bassist Janghyun Yoon, drummer Hoyong Kim, vocalist Taegeun) will release their first soundtrack of the year. HIGHBRO will release the remastered version ‘Good Morning 2022 Ver.’ of ‘Good Morning’ through various online music sites at noon on January 21. ‘Good Morning’ is the title song of HIGHBRO’s first EP,... Read More
December 5, 2021 | daily
JYP Entertainment’s new Kpop band Xdinary Heroes (XH) member Gunil revealed his thrilling and intense charm. JYP Entertainment’s rookie 6-member Kpop band, Xdinary Heroes, will release their first digital single, ‘Happy Death Day’ on December 6, and take their first steps into the music industry. As part of the debut project, they released individual concept... Read More
November 25, 2021 | k-music
Kpop band HIGHBRO (Sangjae Bae, Janghyun Yoon, drum Hoyong Kim, and Taegeun) announces a fresh start with a new song with a cheerful atmosphere. HIGHBRO will release the new song ‘Only You’ on various online music sites at noon on November 25. They will make a splendid comeback. It is the first time after a... Read More