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Irene Birthday
December 16, 2021 | featured
A staff member who revealed that Kpop group Red Velvet member Irene abused confessed that she had been suffering from malicious comments for over a year.¬†On December 15, staff ‘A’ announced through social media that she would take legal action against malicious commenters. ‘A’ said, “I can’t go on like this any longer. I’ve searched... Read More
March 30, 2021 | daily
Red Velvet member Irene showed her bright appearance after the controversy. On March 29th, there’s a video posted on Red Velvet’s official YouTube channel under the title ‘A Present for ReVeluv.’ On March 29th, she communicates with ReVeluv (fandom name) to celebrate her birthday. Irene first painted cute pictures for her birthday content logo. Then she... Read More