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Im Yoonah
February 7, 2022 | fashion
The female character brand JIGOTT developed by Baba Fashion (Chairman Insik Moon) has released a pictorial for the 2022 spring/summer collection with muse Yoonah Im. With the theme of ‘Woman in Timeless,’ this campaign showcases the elegant and dignified attitude of Yoonah Im in a modern space. It captures the classics of JIGOTT in a... Read More
September 8, 2021 | featured
Girl’s Generation member Yoonah and Jungmin Park, who starred in the movie ‘The Miracle,’ shared their thoughts in an interview. Actress Yoonah (Yoonah Im) from the group Girls’ Generation gives a clear impression, like the clear sky after rain. She is an actress who feels the power that we cannot define simply as ‘energy’ or ‘strength.’... Read More
September 2, 2021 | daily
Actress Yoonah Im from the girl group Girls’ Generation returns to the small screen with actor Jongsuk Lee. Yoonah Im chose the cable channel tvN’s new drama ‘Big Mouth’ (screenwriter Youngchul Jang, Kyungsoon Jung, writer Ha Ram, director Choonghwan Oh) as her next work. In this work that promotes hardboiled noir drama, Yoonah Im plays Miho... Read More